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Snowshoe Cat Rescue Network


North Central USA rescue gallery.

Seal Point and White

Ella is a Siamese Mix/domestic Snowshoe looking six month old kitten/cat who was a stray. She was found by a college student who smuggled her into a dorm room, but they were caught. And Ella was sick, so she surrendered Ella to the Humane Society. I took her through breed rescue. Ella has partially seal pointed ears, blue eyes and the tan spots on her back. Her inverted "v" really stands out. Her tail has a little bit of the light cream color in addition to the seal coloring. She has a wonderful personality and loves to play with her toys. My favorite part is that she is very gentle with her paws and doesn't use her claws when she plays.

Ella now lives with Katie, Joe and the rest of the Smith family.

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On March 18, 2002, the Smith cat family increased in
number by one!
Officially adopted through Meezer Pleasers was Joe E.
Smith, a seal point Snowshoe Cat. He weighed in at 14 lbs. & 8 oz. and is happily healing from a very old wound. In the past two weeks he has made excellent progress, but has needed to wear some pretty fancy clothes. His best pose is attached.

Precious, Pearl, Sierra, Dusty, Sophie and Daffodil
all welcomed their new cat brother in spite of his unusual dress. They figured since he has already been here for over two months, he just might as well stay. He agreed and loves his harem!

Katie and Cats

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Another successful rescue by Cid


Lady, a very petite seal point Siamese. She was surrendered to the Indianapolis Humane Society after her owner died. In true Siamese fashion, she was terrified at the shelter and wasn't doing well. Katie took her home and after about a week she was doing great! She came out of her shell quickly. Lady had lost a lot of weight and was very gaunt, but after eating everything in sight and putting weight back on turned into a loving, head bumping, purring companion.

Lady found her perfect home with someone who gave her the extra TLC she needed to help her adjust to her new home.

Sorry no photo on this one. Young male Snowshoe in Hammond Indiana. Living on the street. This cat found a home in just two days.

Last update - 12 August 2005